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Recycling – doing as much as we can

Posted by admin on Oct 14th, 2008
Oct 14

Not only do we try to recycle water (and even more water), but we also try to recycle as much garbage as possible. There are two adults, a child, two medium-to-large sized dogs, and a cat in our house. We’re not huge consumers by any means, but we do generate our fair share of garbage. We, of course, try to bring our own bags to the grocery store, buy our groceries almost daily (to minimize spoilage), and try to buy things with as little packaging as possible. Going by these pictures, it seems we are well on our way to minimizing our contribution to landfills:

One week of garbage

One week of recycling

If you look closely then you can see we still have a long ways to go – there are two visible plastic bags in the garbage bin, and it would be great to reduce the overall amount of items we need to throw out, recycling or otherwise. The key for us is that the more conscious we are of what we are buying and using, the less actual garbage we produce.

We are working on setting up our own garden which will also help to reduce the amount of trash we produce. More on that later.