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Researching solar oven plans

Posted by admin on Mar 13th, 2010
Mar 13

Lately I’ve been itching to retry my solar oven experiment. For one, it seems to be one of the projects that gets the most interest on this blog, and secondly I want to see how far I can take it. Someone left me a comment asking if I thought it possible to boil water, which I do – and then some. But what are the upper limits of a home made solar oven? Well, I want to bake something – how’s that for a goal?

While researching different plans for building an oven I came across this site. My favorites are the tire cooker and the Fresnel parabolic cooker. Seems that a lot of the plans on the first page are of an open air funnel design using things like a reflective car windshield shade. I’m not sure how well that might work….

I’m going to find one that I think is practical, easy to make, and has the potential of baking something and start working on it this weekend. I’m expecting to be able to cook at least part of a meal by Sunday afternoon.