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Hypermiling on a Harley – part 4

Posted by admin on Sep 18th, 2010
Sep 18

It’s been about two months since my last update on my Hypermiling on a Harley series. The reason it has been so long is because I’ve been experimenting with different hypermiling techniques to get as much information as possible. The conclusion I’ve come to is: so far I don’t really see any difference or benefit to hypermiling on my bike. The range I’ve seen in the last two months has been a low of about 42mpg – usually with a passenger, and a one time peak of 48mpg, but the overall average has been pretty consistently about 45-46mpg. That’s pretty much the same as before when I was just monitoring my speed.

I’m going to continue to experiment and will report any noteworthy findings, but as of this post my official series is now concluded. My suggestions? Watch the throttle and check your tire pressure – nothing groundbreaking there, but obviously very important.

*Update: it occurred to me that I haven’t added any context to my hypermiling testing. I typically commute about 48.4 miles per day round trip. Of the 48.4 miles I was hypermiling (read that as “clutch disengaged”) about 4-6 miles per day. Not a lot, but if you average that to 5 miles per day, that comes up as about 10% per day. That should translate to an additional 4+mpg, but it didn’t.