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Why, and how, I shave in the shower

Posted by admin on Jun 6th, 2011
Jun 6

“What!?!”, you may say. That sounds pretty non-eco, right? Lots of water being wasted…just down the drain. I’ve heard over and over again that shaving in the shower is bad for the environment. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s much more eco than you may think, if it’s done the right way. I’m not saying I’m doing it the best way possible, just the best way possible with the knowledge I have so far.

Here’s the jist of the thought process, and the personal results, from this “project”. Whiskers can be, let’s say, stubborn. When we use hot water they get less stubborn. The ideal place to shave, then, would be in the shower – right? All the hot water, and steam, this all makes the whiskers much easier to shave. If we make the whiskers easier to shave then the razor won’t get dull so quickly. Hopefully we’re all on the same page so far.

I have been shaving in the shower for the past 16+ years, based off of a suggestion from a co-worker back in 1994. The thing that I’ve noticed since I’ve been doing that is that my disposable razors have been lasting 2-3 months. My wife bought me a pack of 50 disposable razors from Costco almost six years ago, and I just got rid of the last one. That averages to one razor every 6 weeks. Some my wife used and some I could only use once or twice for various reasons, so the numbers might seem off, but don’t freak out over the math ;). I’ve recently been privy to information from current co-workers that they can’t use disposable razors for more than 3-4 uses. Wow. Now to be fair, I only shave every other day, and have done so for the past 16+ years, because I never seem to get a job that requires I present myself in a clean-cut fashion on a daily basis. That’s an advantage to working in the tech industry.

When I started learning about how to reduce my environmental footprint, and then started using the 5 gallon bucket in the shower (the 5th paragraph down) it made me feel like I was making a difference, albeit in a small way. My shower water collection has progressed, changed, and matured in several ways (which I’ll discuss in a later post) and now I think it’s pretty close to being somewhat mature. I collect the shower water the same as I’ve always done, but now when I shave I use a cup or mug to collect a small portion of hot water, then turn off the shower, then I shave – rinsing the razor in the water in the cup, then turn back on the shower. Because of this, I save even more water, minimize the disposable razors I put in the landfill, and get a better shave than I would if I had used the sink. Oh, and when I do dispose of the razor I remove the head from the handle and recycle the handle. I actually don’t know if I can recycle the head of the razor or not – let me know if you know the answer to that.

So what are you doing to save water? I’d be curious to hear.