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Replace your computer with a Raspberry Pi?

Posted by admin on Feb 25th, 2013
Feb 25

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be working on replacing my full sized desktop computer, that used a 500w power supply, with a couple of credit card sized full function computers called Raspberry Pi. This little guy won’t be able to fully replace my desktop or laptop, but only because flash for web browsers doesn’t work on it because it hasn’t been compiled (nor will it ever, apparently) for the ARM V6 processor that the Pi comes with. The up side, though, is that the Pi’s are rated for 5V and .5-.7 amps – which should be well below the power requirements for my desktop.

I’m going to post a full update on what I did with them and which accessories I used. I’ll also show what the power consumption savings is by doing this. To be fair, I’m not a normal computer user…I don’t play video games usually and I run linux everywhere I possibly can. I don’t need a fast CPU generally and I plan to use multiple Pi’s to accomplish what my desktop did. Updates forthcoming.