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Replace your computer with a Raspberry Pi – phase 2

Posted by admin on Dec 25th, 2013
Dec 25

As promised *here*, here is the comparison between running a desktop and a raspberry pi. My raspberry pi setup is as such:

  • 2x raspberry pi’s
  • 2x external usb hard drives – one ssd, one sata
  • 1x 8 port 3.0 usb hub

Network hub is not measured in this test… Here are the results for the pi’s:

  • Time measured: 236 hours
  • Total KWH consumed: 2.34
  • Amp draw (constant): 0.14
  • Volts (constant): 120.1
  • Watts (constant): 10

Compared to the desktop:

  • Time measured: 143 hours
  • Total KWH consumed: 12.34 KWH
  • Amp draw (constant): 0.78
  • Volts (constant): 118.5
  • Watts (constant): 88

If, and it’s a big if, if the raspberry pi had an ARM v7 processor instead of the v6 then it could truly replace a desktop since then it would be able to run flash (no flash available for the v6 ARM processor unfortunately). But, as we move more and more to HTML 5 then this dependency will be less and less. As you can see, it is far more economical to run a raspberry pi – at least for the non-gamer 😉