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Motorcycle or public transportation

Posted by admin on Apr 16th, 2015
Apr 16

To get me back in the swing of updating my blog again, I thought I’d throw out a question for anyone who has an opinion about it – is it more eco to ride public transportation or a motorcycle?

I know that’s somewhat of a nebulous question since there are several types of motorcycles and several public transportation systems out there. Let me add a personal scenario to this to at least cover one aspect. I have a 2014 Harley Street Glide; it gets around 44 mpg and has a catalytic converter (typically unusual for a bike to have one normally). Seems efficient, at least in todays world. To take a bus for my 22 mile commute it would take about 90 minutes and I would have to transfer at least once, but i believe it’s twice iirc. Time aside, I’m curious if the energy consumption would be more efficient one way or the other.

Anyone have an objective viewpoint on this subject?