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Posted by admin on Nov 6th, 2008
Nov 6

My wife recently went through a major wardrobe overhaul. There were bags and bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories she was going to get rid of and donate. It’s really quite amazing the amount of clothing she had in her closet, considering it’s only slightly larger than a coat closet. The main reason for the transformation was because she met two “Fabulous” women who’s specialty is (if I understand correctly):

  • to de-clutter the closet
  • use the rest of the existing wardrobe to mix and match versatile items to create multiple new ensembles
  • and help educate on what items to purchase going forward to get the most out of your money while putting the least amount in your closet

Pretty cool. There’s an eco-friendly byproduct in there somewhere, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

The ladies website, and business, is called Fabulous On A Budget. Their website is full of energy, whimsy, and some great information. One thing I found particularly interesting was their post on “Keeping your Electricity Bills Fabulous For Fall!”. They even take their energy conservation beyond what we do in our house, and go as far as to unplug their washer and dryer when they aren’t being used!

If you find yourself with some free time then take a look at the site. I think you’ll agree that it might just make your day a little brighter.

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