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What is a fuel cell?

Posted by admin on Nov 11th, 2008
Nov 11

We hear about them all the time in all types of mediums. “Fuel cells are the future!”, “fuel cells will save the environment”, “fuel cells are…” well – where are they? Better yet, what *exactly* are they? If we pay any attention to the media at any level then we all have, at least, a very basic understanding of them. They are some type of container that holds a water like solution that reacts with hydrogen molecules to produce (dc) electricity. We also know that the only supposed byproduct of the process is water.

In my quest to learn more about fuel cells I came across some interesting web sites, two of which stood out above the rest in value in my opinion. One explains what a fuel cell is in basic terms, and the other is a product which enables people to build their own fuel cell vehicle (toy sized, of course) to learn about the whole process. Pretty cool stuff. I’m saving my money for the car kit!

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