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The great water controversy

Posted by admin on Nov 13th, 2008
Nov 13

About a week ago I put up a poll asking what would be the best way to contain your morning beverage at work. The results so far haven’t been too widely spread, but since there isn’t really anything scientific about the poll, I thought I’d go to an expert and ask them. Who do I turn to when I have a question? Why Ed Begley, Jr. He has an “Ask Ed” section on his site. Well, this is the response I got back:

“Ceramic mug – just don’t WASTE the water when you wash it out. Water a house or office plant with it. do something with the water to not waste it and you have a win-win. ed”

Okay, I can respect that, and that’s *kind of* the answer I expected. The problem I have with the response is that there are limited uses for “gray” water in the office. The plants, which there are very few of in our office, are maintained by a professional service. If even a quarter of the people started using their gray water to water the plants we’d probably kill them from over watering. I’m trying to think of other uses for the water in an office, but I’m drawing a blank. I am slowly starting my plant collection at my desk, but that will take some time for them to mature. Once that happens though, then I will definitely use as much of the water as I can. In the mean time, my coffee cup will just have to continue looking like this:

What can you do with the gray water produced by washing out your cup at the office?

What can you do with the gray water produced by washing out your cup at the office?

In the mean time, the poll is still up and running, so feel free to submit your vote!

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