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Happy Earth Day XXXVIII

Posted by admin on Apr 22nd, 2008
Apr 22

That’s right, it’s the 38th Earth Day. Hopefully you will celebrate the day by doing something good to cut down on the pollutants we blindly exhaust into the air, or contaminants we put into the water, or the things we do to jeopardize nature and all of its inhabitants. And hopefully that one thing you do to celebrate the day will give encouragement to you, and those around you, to continue celebrating Earth Day every day. I’m telling you – once you start, it becomes easier and easier to consistently make little changes that make consistently big differences.

Some simple things to start out with? Here’s some ideas:

1. Here’s my favorite tip. Do you have a burnt out light? Go get a CFL light, a double pack will probably run around $5, and replace it. Is that light in a place you don’t use the light very often? Then take a light bulb from somewhere you do use lights all the time – like the living room or the kitchen – and put that incandescent light in the low usage area. Then put the cfl in the higher usage area instead. That way you get maximum return on your cfl investment right away.

2. When you throw something away, think to yourself, “is any part of this recyclable?”. I know that a lot of times it can be a little tedious to properly recycle – like taking labels off of glass jars and the caps off of plastic bottles – but if you start thinking about it then it will become a simple habit and will soon become a consistent part of your day. Things that I didn’t give any thought to recycling before were: receipts, bags from a fast food stop (as long as there’s no grease on it), batteries, the laundry detergent bottle, most mail, cans (with the labels taken off), etc. I’m going to be putting up more recycling tips and guidelines in the near future and I’m going to try to make it an easy reference type page.

3. For a little more extreme do-it-yourself starter, you can save the water from your shower or bath and use it to water your garden. This is what’s known as grey water and it is full of good stuff, which your garden will love. As far as getting it out of the tub or shower effectively? I have a 5.5gpm pump that I bought at a used electronics store for $20 (from APEX Electronics in the San Fernando Valley if you’re in the area – I LOVE this store!) and hooked it up to a marine battery I had laying around.

4. Plant a tree. Either for shade, curb appeal or just because. If you don’t want to do it, don’t have time to do it, or don’t have a place to do it, then these guys can do it for you.

5. Do you watch a lot of TV? Have you been thinking of upgrading, or are about to upgrade your TV? If so, then donate your old TV and get a new LCD TV (!*NOT PLASMA*!). LCD’s use a lot less power than the old style TV’s and they are really coming down in price these days.

Bottom line – do what you can to make the planet the best it can be, then go out and enjoy it.

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