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Can a Blackberry help save the environment?

Posted by admin on Nov 26th, 2008
Nov 26

That may be a bit of an overly optimistic question, but let me explain. I guess in a technical sense that a Blackberry can be considered a “computer”, but it’s hard to think of something that fits in the palm of my hand as such. I first started using a Blackberry at my last job – as the oncall company phone – but haven’t really explored its capabilities until recently. And there are plenty of capabilities it can provide – so much so that I could even forsee using it for as much as 75% of my non-work computing, and possibly even as much as 25% of my work computing. Therein lies the possibility of the Blackberry being green for me.

In my off hours I mostly use a laptop for email, web browsing, and blogging. For work I use a desktop for a lot more than that, of course. I have found that there are a lot of tools available for the Blackberry that can accommodate many of these tasks in at least a basic form. For example, I downloaded and installed the Google mobile tools, which will sync my Gmail and Google Calendar automatically, allows me to check news feeds, gives me easy access to my Google docs, and many other things. I also configured the built in Blackberry email client to check my work email automatically. I installed MidpSSH to use to connect to work and home servers – which is a bit tedious but very effective when I’m not around a computer and an emergency comes up. I’ve also used the IM client which works with Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, and a couple of others. Another great feature is the phone is WiFi enabled, which will help to speed up downloads and page loads when surfing the web when I connect to my access point at home or at a hotspot.

Our cell phones are so customizable these days. What all this means, for me, is that I could power off my computers a lot more and not be disconnected from many of the things I need or want to do. Here’s something to consider – when someone seems to be addicted to their “Crackberry” maybe they are actually helping the environment by cutting back on greenhouse emissions? Hmm.

There are a lot of tools out there for our phones, and not just Blackberrys, that can free us up from being stuck behind a desk. What tools/applications do you use on your phone?

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