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Green server hosting

Posted by admin on Mar 29th, 2010
Mar 29

I just received an email today from my server hosting provider that they are in the process of opening a new data center in Boston Massachusetts that will be fed 100% by wind power. Unfortunately it’s *just* the Boston colo (my server is in Seattle, they will have three total), but I think it’s awesome that they are doing anything at all. Data centers use HUGE amounts of resources so this will have a big impact on their overall footprint. I looked all over their site and blog for info about it but, alas, couldn’t find anything there. All I have as proof is the email…. This does bring to mind that I’d like to research more “green power” colocations (i.e. colos, i.e. data centers).

I’ve started on a VAWT (Vertical Access Wind Turbine) this past weekend which is made out of 2.5″ pvc tubing and 5 gallon bucket lids. We’ll see how it goes, but so far I’m having issues connecting the tubing to the lid very securely. I have the rest of the week to think it over though as I won’t have time to work on it until the weekend. I’ll update with pictures, details, and other info when it’s done. I built a rough turbine style prototype as a test last weekend, but my back yard seems to have swirling winds so the VAWT seems to make the most sense.

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