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Insulation project, initial results

Posted by admin on Apr 27th, 2008
Apr 27

Last weekend I blew insulation into the attic. It has been relatively temperate all week so the results of the project haven’t been very noticeable. Yesterday, however, it hit 95 degrees and I see the direct benefits finally.

There are a few factors to point out first. Last year the thermostat was set three degrees lower than it is this year. Also, the gable fan I installed a few weeks back will have an affect on the results as well. So, this won’t be a direct comparison, but still – the results are noticeable.

Last year, a 95 degree day would have caused the AC to be on somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8 hours. Yesterday, the AC was on for a total of just under 3 hours – a whole four to five hours less than last year. That’s going to make a noticeable difference. When we replace the windows next winter, and possibly insulate the outside walls (hopefully we’ll be able to) then it should drop that time down to under an hour, I would imagine.

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