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Hypermiling on a Harley – part 3

Posted by admin on Jul 19th, 2010
Jul 19

Since my last update I’ve gone through three full tanks of gas as my test base. I’ve tried to keep as close as possible to the test guidelines, which are keeping as close as possible to 70 mph or under and shifting at the factory specified shifting speeds (15, 25, 35, 45, 55 mph). I’ve done well at shifting at the right speeds, and have pretty much kept under 70 mph throughout the test. So, on to the base results:

  • Tank 1 = 45.6 mpg
  • Tank 2 = 45.3 mpg
  • Tank 3 = 43.2 mpg

On tank #3 there were two factors that worked against me. One was that I didn’t keep as well to the speed rule as I was supposed to, and the second is that about 40 miles were with my wife on the back.

Now for the next three tanks of gas I’m going to add hypermiling to the test and see what happens. My initial hypermiling tests showed I got about 46 mpg, but I don’t think I had integrated the shifting part yet. We’ll see what happens.

On a side note, I’m looking into two new projects (but don’t tell my wife 🙂 ):

  • One is to try to fix a heat issue. Our garage easily gets to 90 degrees now that we’re in the midst of summer in the San Fernando Valley. Unfortunately that’s where the treadmill is so it’s really been preventing me from using it. I’ve been looking at a lot of personal cooling device ideas – most of which consists of a fan attached to a cooler filled with ice and water that gets pumped through copper tubing attached to the fan. I have some ideas on that design.
  • The second is designing a 50w micro-vawt. It’s small enough to be portable, cheap enough to have several of them spread around, and not some big monolithic eyesore. Well, at least some people might think a big vawt is an eyesore 😉 The one concern I have about this project is my previous attempt and failure. I’m going to do some better testing before I start building this time though.

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