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Great wind turbine howto site

Posted by admin on Aug 2nd, 2010
Aug 2

I’ve been searching for more information about micro-wind turbines, power controllers, and general information on how to understand the technical specs of the math needed to figure out the sizing of the system and controller needed for whatever situation the unit is intended for. I’ve been focusing on micro-wind turbines specifically because we recently moved into an apartment and obviously can’t put in a standard sized turbine, yet I want to find something I can use to charge my backup marine batteries. Besides, the thought of using a small wind generator as a power supplement is kind of cool to me. I’ve posted about this before, and have found some new and interesting information during my recent search, but I think I’ve found a great website to help me with my quest. It’s easy to understand and broken down in a way that makes sense. It’s not in the scale I’m looking for, but has a lot of useful information that will help me to get where I’m trying to. I was so excited to find the page that it prompted this post. The link is – – and hopefully it will help others in their quest as well.

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