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Workplace eco mentality

Posted by admin on Apr 20th, 2011
Apr 20

I’m sure I can’t be the only one that has a certain level of frustration with how the general mentality of the workforce is so lackadaisical toward environmentalism. Where I work, there are several recycle bins for cans and bins for paper – but what gets put in them? Trash. Grease stained boxes from lunch, the single use coffee packets, spent non-recyclable packaging, etc. The other thing that gets me is that people will turn on every available light whether or not they need it. I’m constantly turning off two of the three light switches in the break room, which reduces the available light only slightly.


So because of this, I’d like to pose a question. Is it possible to motivate people to think even a little more about the benefits and need for thinking more environmentally in the workplace without sounding preachy? There are plenty of things in place where I work to recycle, and using a light switch is pretty easy, so it must just be a matter of caring. I make light comments when I see the opportunity, but it really needs to be more of a thought/life process change, than the random jibing by a co-worker to encourage green thinking.


Post comments if you have suggestions on effective ways to “educate”.


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