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Replace your computer with a Raspberry Pi – Phase 1

Posted by admin on Nov 11th, 2013
Nov 11

Back in February (only a few short months ago….) I stated I wanted to find out if it was possible to Replace your computer with a Raspberry Pi. I’ve been using my two raspberry pi’s since last February and replaced my former desktop, but never set about to measure the difference in power consumption – until now. I hooked up a kill-a-watt to my desktop at work, relatively comparable to the system I was using at home, and here are some of the consumption stats:


  • Time measured: 143 hours
  • Total KWH consumed: 12.34 KWH
  • Amp draw (constant): 0.78
  • Volts (constant): 118.5
  • Watts (constant): 88


Next week I’ll measure the same data on the raspberry pi’s as a full unit (i.e. both RasPi’s, usb hub, and external hardware plugged in) and update.


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