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Hypermiling – the “pre”-results

Posted by admin on Jul 17th, 2008
Jul 17

I should wait until tomorrow to post this since I don’t really have results yet, but I’m just too excited to wait. On the current tank of gas in my 2007 base model Dodge Charger I’ve been implementing some hypermiling techniques. I’ve inflated the tires to their maximum recommended pressure, have been coasting as much as possible, and try to not push down the gas pedal more than 1/4 of the way at any time. Normally I get about 17-18mpg, and on the last tank we got 21.84mpg – but that was mostly due to a round trip to San Diego on all freeways. Hmm – a quick check of the Dodge site shows me some disheartening information. I checked the 2008 SE model and they claim to get 18/26mpg. Lies – all lies I tell you. I’d be ecstatic if I got 26mpg. At least now I have a solid goal to strive for.

Anyway – the current miles on this tank of gas is 340. The tank holds 16-17 gallons, which gives me approximately 20.61mpg. Not as great as I was hoping for, but I’m just starting out and it is at least 2mpg more than I’d be getting normally so I’m not disappointed. I’ll update tomorrow after I fill up and run the numbers.

I should also mention that there has been an unexpected benefit to my hypermiling experiment. I seem to be much less aggressive on the road and I don’t really get upset at other drivers anymore. So at worst I’ll get 2mpg more and a less stressful commute.

See you all tomorrow.

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