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Hypermiling success

Posted by admin on Jul 26th, 2008
Jul 26

Finally, I’m starting to get closer to my goal of 25 mpg in the Charger. On my last tank of gas I made it 381.8 miles, which took 16.07 gallons to refill. That comes out to be 23.76 mpg! Now that’s much better than the 17.5 mpg I used to get while commuting back and forth to work. That’s about a 35% increase in mileage – not too bad.

The biggest differences I made this time was to be more conscious of when I could coast, and I left the car in neutral at lights. Also, I only needed to accelerate hard twice – both while getting on the freeway with a short on-ramp. I only used the freeway about 1/3 of the time so most of this was on surface streets. I actually feel that I can get better results by using surface streets rather than the freeway since I have more opportunities to coast, and since the freeways in Los Angeles are usually stop and go anyway.

This weekend my wife and I are driving to Las Vegas in the Charger – we’ll see just how well we do with all of that freeway driving.

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