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Fill your freezer with empty boxes?

Posted by admin on Oct 6th, 2008
Oct 6

I picked up this little book on a recent trip that is called, “1,001 Ways to Save the Earth”. It has some good tips in it – some I already do and others that I hadn’t thought of. I found two in particular very interesting though.

1. I’ve known that keeping the freezer as full as possible is the best way to cut down on the freezers energy consumption, but I made the assumption that it needed to be filled with solid items to achieve the best efficiency. Apparently that’s not the case though. According to the book, “…If you don’t need to stock up on food at the moment, empty cardboard boxes will achieve the same result”. Huh – empty cardboard boxes??

2. Something I had never even considered being a greener way of vacation travel. We all know how much pollution airplanes put into the atmosphere, but trains produce 20 times less emissions per passenger mile than planes, and – this is the one that surprised me – cruise ships produce almost 200 times less emissions per passenger mile than planes! Wow. Now if more people could just avoid getting to the cruise ship by plane….

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