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Light bulb (CFL) recycling

Posted by admin on Oct 8th, 2008
Oct 8

My day started off with a burnt out cfl in the bathroom. I know that cfl’s have a trace amount of mercury in them so I know that it would behoove me and my future generations to find a way to recycle the bulb. The problem is, I’ve never had to look into how to recycle a cfl because I’ve never had one burn out. I went off to google for suggestions to my dilemma.

It seems there are a lot of sites out there that talk about recycling the bulbs but not many of them actually tell you how or where to recycle them. I did find that Home Depot just started a cfl recycling program. The link is dedicated to their “Eco Options” program (it doesn’t specifically say on that page, but they probably recycle spent batteries as well – as most hardware stores do).

Living on the west coast, I’ve never had a problem finding a Home Depot within a reasonable radius from my starting point. If this is not the case for you then I would suggest finding out if your local hardware store participates in a recycling program, and if not then if you can suggest that they do. Also, the EPA might also have some useful information to help you out.

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