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Excellent EV conversion howto

Posted by admin on Oct 24th, 2008
Oct 24

I have been wanting to tinker with converting a vehicle to electric for a while. I, unfortunately, have a full sized 2003 GMC Yukon that I bought a few years ago and have looked into ways of making it all, or at least partially, electric. I can’t get rid of the thing since it’s not really a desirable vehicle with the fuel prices, and it is completely paid off so it’s not really costing me anything except for insurance and the rare tank of gas (it hasn’t moved in over two months). We do use it when we need to get sheets of plywood from the hardware store or have large items we need to transport, which of course we could just rent a truck for.

There are a few options to convert a full sized SUV to electric but, as usual, cost is the issue for me. On a side note, I did convert a pocket bike I had from gas to electric. It’s pretty fun to ride and it’s easy to sneak up on people 😉 Here’s a pic – it still needs to be put together better so it’s not pretty yet. I used two telco 12ah batteries wired in series for 24vdc, used a 24v scooter motor I got from a local electronics junk yard, and bought a controller from a scooter web site. If you want specifics then let me know.

One site that I’ve been tracking for quite some time is Kiwi EV. It’s an excellent documentary of his mission to convert a Mitsubishi into full electric. It explains in great detail the process he took, the parts he used, why he made the decisions he did, and how he got it certified as road legal. It’s really quite impressive. He is in New Zealand so some things might be a little different, but he provides a lot of very useful information. It’s even complete with videos and lots of pictures.

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