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The first post

Posted by admin on Apr 5th, 2008
Apr 5

Here’s my newest passion. I am becoming more and more obsessed with finding ways I can do more to protect and preserve my environment. My wife is starting to think I’m a little nuts because of some of the things I do but I think in the long run she’ll see the benefits and will hopefully come around.

It’s partly her fault that I’m starting to enhance my eco-consciousness though. She bought me the book “Living Like Ed” and now I’m learning about what types of plastics can be recycled as well as which types shouldn’t be, ways to use water more efficiently, and changes to help minimize our electrical consumption. I get the feeling, at times, that she feels a bit like Ed’s wife Rachelle, which is mostly evident when I am doing something to conserve resources and she just rolls her eyes. I’ve become accustomed to answering with a “You don’t want to know” when she asks what I’m doing with the water in the bucket, or while adjusting the thermostat, etc.

I’ve always wanted to do more to conserve resources, but I just didn’t know how. I slowly picked up bits of conservation tips from watching shows, reading, and any other sources of information I could find. What I hope I can accomplish with this blog is to offer ideas, tips, processes, howtos, and any other form of information I can provide to help someone starting out in the process. Hopefully by writing about my firsthand experiences it will help some other people get started on the process as well. It’s not as difficult or as intimidating as it might initially sound, it’s actually very easy in most cases.

I’m in the process of formulating and formatting what I’ve done to this point so I can publish it here. Then going forward my posts will be about what my current projects are in near real time. Keep checking back, I expect to post weekly – if not daily.