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Silly project, part three (of four)

Posted by admin on Apr 12th, 2008
Apr 12

I tried my solar oven again yesterday at work with the reflector – the results were so disappointing that I’m not even going to go into details on it, other than to say that it was definitely due to the tint on the windows. I figured it would have an affect on the results, but not that much. The office in the afternoon gets pretty hot after 6pm because the AC is turned off automatically at that time. Anyway, the backyard test was much more successful.

I put the solar oven out in the backyard today, and despite a minor problem with the reflector the internal temp got up to 165. The problem I had was that the reflector got blown down and covered the glass so the temp dropped down to 120, but in the 2 hours left of the late afternoon sun, it managed to still get up to a respectable 165. I’ve fixed the issue with the reflector and will give it another try tomorrow. I’m going to try to get it hot enough to boil water, although I’m not terribly confident I’ll get my little cardboard, duct tape and tinfoil oven that hot.

We’re going to go to the local farmers market tomorrow. It will be the second time in two weeks. It’s a small gathering of local vendors but it’s got a lot of stuff and it’s pretty fun. We got a half flat of strawberries last week for $7 and they were delicious! Going to a farmers market is great because most, if not all, of the fruits and vegetables are organic and it helps keep your money in your community. Help support your local farmer, you’ll both be happy 🙂