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Green power from ladwp

Posted by admin on Jul 5th, 2008
Jul 5

Much to my surprise, I did actually receive something from the LADWP to acknowledge my signing up for 100% green power. When I first posted about signing up I thought there would be, “nothing celebratory or anything marking the change of power“, but not only did I get acknowledgment but I also got two compact fluorescent bulbs from them as well. It’s nothing terribly exciting, but it is at least now more official. If you’re interested, here’s a copy of the letter – just click on it for full size.

We will soon be using 100% green power

Posted by admin on Apr 17th, 2008
Apr 17

We get our electricity through the LADWP, a.k.a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. They have a program where they offer their customers the option to purchase green power – anything from 20% up to 100%. I just signed up for the full 100% program last night. I’m excited about the whole thing, but I’m also a little disappointed because there’s really nothing tangible to the whole thing – nothing celebratory or anything marking the change of power. I guess just knowing will have to do.

The “down” side to the program is that it will cost us an additional $0.03 per kwh. That’s pretty cheap though to get our power from renewable resources. I do wonder though, how we could verify that we are going to be getting a full 100% green power. It’s one thing to sign up for the service, it’s another to know when, or if, we’re actually getting that power. It’s not my ultimate goal of going full solar on our roof, but it’s the next best thing.