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Indication that the changes we’ve made are working

Posted by admin on May 9th, 2008
May 9

One of the biggest things I’ve been focusing on initially is trying to make changes that ultimately reduce our electricity usage. We also do things to reduce water usage as well, but we don’t use a lot of water anyway so I feel that’s pretty well under control at this point. My hope is to not only to do good things for my son’s future planet, but also to save money. Let’s face it – moving from Washington State to Southern California and buying a house on the downward turn of the housing frenzy of the last few years was not a great financial decision. Now I’m trying to mitigate the depreciation of our home by saving in other ways. Utilities.

Has it been working? Well, we just got our latest utility bill and I see a definite improvement from a year ago. Last year at this time, our electricity cost us $215, this years bill it cost us $185 – approximately a 16% drop. That’s with adjusting the AC thermostat up three degrees around the beginning of April (the last month of the billing cycle), blowing in insulation – which was done with eight days left of the billing cycle, and with contractors here for the last week of April using power tools to pressure wash/sand/paint the outside of the house for eight plus hours a day. So not really big differences, and the changes we made weren’t fully realized on this bill, and extra electricity used by the on-site contractors, but still a 1/6th drop in the bill from a year ago.

I’m betting the next electric bill will be even more noticeably lower than last years bill from the same time period. We’re heading into the hot time of the year so the bills are only going to get bigger, but we can control how much bigger if we continue to make just a few minor, and relatively inexpensive, changes.